21 Day Love Immersion Program

Whether you are wanting to experience more abundance, success, physical health, authentic relationships, a deeper connection with spirit, or supreme divine protection, LOVE is the answer. Love is the ultimate healer. 
The profoundly wise spiritual healer Louise Hay, had a huge revelation early on in her healing career.  After treating hundreds of clients, she discovered  that it didn't matter what her clients were struggling with, all of their troubles stemmed from one core issue, lack of self love. When she recognized this, and treated her clients accordingly, amazing transformations occurred. 
We know deep down, that self love is the ultimate healer. Yet, for most of us, love, particularly self love seems painfully unattainable. 
We can't change the world or create the lives we desire unless we truly align with love. During this intensive healing program, we are going to delve into attunements (meditation/energy upgrades), lessons and practices that cultivate  Love in all it's beautiful forms; self love, the love of others, and the deep appreciation of all things. Together let's make a habit of being love in action on this planet, and watch the miracles unfold! 
Beginning May 1st, 2018, you'll receive daily emails including "tune ups" or mini attunements/activations/meditations on mp3, along with  lessons, exercises and other spiritual healing gifts, including earthly and heavenly "medicines", that will immerse and enfold you in LOVE! This work will help you to truly become LOVE in action here on earth!
Let your heart lead the way and your karmic footprint be love!




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