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Many of us know that we are sooooo much more than this physical body/existence. Yet, we continue our daily lives, pretending we are small. Often times, we live in a spiritual amnesia, forgetting our true authentic power. Why do we do this? It's simple really. It's because here on earth, we've made unconscious living a deeply ingrained habit. That's why you often f21 ind your spiritual expansion thwarted by meaningless routines and habitual behaviors. If you are done make believing you're human first, and spirit second, join Nadine for 21 days of divine initiations and spiritual practice. It's only $33 USD!!! You've got nothing to loose and everything to gain. 

Beginning February 19th, you'll receive daily emails* for the 21 day program includes daily "tune ups" or mini attunements/meditations (mp3), exercises and other spiritual technologies, including earthly and heavenly "medicines", that will keep you on track with your life, and your spirit! This work is both deeply grounding, and tremendously healing.
Let your heart lead the way!
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The daily emails will be sent out the night before, so you can begin your day with them .



"I want to thank you so much for this program. It was absolutely life changing. I am going to do it all over again because it helped me so much. To have daily things that are actually attainable was so helpful. I feel like I got so much out of it even though the practices didn't require hours of time. I really look forward to working with you again in the future. You really do an amazing job and I am truly grateful. Thank you for this amazing work you are doing in this world! Namaste"~ ♥♥♥ Heather


" I found the daily practices to be of great value, some becoming a part of routine quickly such as calling on the quartz crystal placed by Source in the Lower Dantian, the breath practice of 7 count, the releasing of impurities when going to the bathroom and the Golden Thread connection to Source. I am sure as I repeat this practice more will become part of my practice. I am sure  I heard the Angels singing as I woke this morning. Was lovely and magical! Love and Light to you today! ♥️ Cherie M


"Nadine, thank you so much for the 21 day soul alignment course. I really loved it!  I so appreciate your commitment to holding the space for this important work and the centered, loving focus you provided throughout. I enjoyed learning new techniques and doing a consistent daily practice-which I am continuing. Going through your course was amazing!In love and gratitude,Danielle T. 

"I️ just wanted to say I️ really enjoyed all the meditations you sent, I’m actually going to be redoing some of them. What I️ enjoyed the most was when you let us in on the things that you’ve been through and that really help me to realize that I️ don’t have to be perfect to really step into my soul mission. I’m really thankful that I️ got to participate." Daisy B


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