Accelerated Manifestation and Blessing Session

Accelerated Manifestation & Blessing

Need a little help manifesting the best outcome in a difficult situation? We are here to help!


We all know that worrying only sends negative energy to the situation. But still, all of us have areas in our lives where our fears seem to take over, and that's when it's time to call in some reinforcements! You don't have to go it alone, we can help you to turn things around,  and create the best possible outcome, that is in the highest good of everyone involved.


During the Accelerated Manifestation & Blessing sessions we will connect to the angels, masters, guides and other high beings of light who surround you to help  you place your "order" with the universe and clear you to energetically align your energies with that which you are trying to attract. While we may not be able to assure your desired outcome down to the last detail, we can assure you that the energy of the situation will shift to higher frequencies, ensuring the outcome will unfold as in the highest good of everyone involved.


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Praise for blessing sessions:


"I received a $250 ticket for a moving violation. My family was on a limited income at the time, and I was really pretty freaked out! I called Nadine before visiting the hearing officer, and the work that she did with the angels, masters and helix collective put me at great ease. I felt for the first time that a positive outcome was actually a possibility. I went to the hearing officer immediately after our phone session, and to my surprise, I was only had to pay a $25 fine!!!I was shocked, because I had been told by many that the minimum fee for such violation was $85. I feel so blessed and grateful for the how this all played out. I know that Nadine helped me to shift my energy, as well as the energy of the entire situation -Anonymous


"My roommate gave me short notice that he was moving out of state.  Naturally, I was worried about finding someone I felt I could share my home with on such short notice. One of my close friends wanted to take his place, but had just signed a lease for another apt. I felt really comfortable with this friend and  hoped for a miracle, but at the same time, the situation felt pretty hopeless. I called Nadine for a blessing session and she was very thorough in helping me clearly set my intention with the universe. She made me really think about what I truly wanted my life and home to feel like. I felt relived after the session, but wondered if it would work out as I desired (especially since she said, "This or something better, a few times). A couple days after the session, my friend informed me that they were released from the lease and could move in right away!!! All this from a 20 minute phone call!"

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