Angel Alphabet

The Celestial or Angelic Alphabet or Script is a series of sacred symbols associated with the alphabet. These symbols are an extremely powerful metaphysical tool through which you can reprogram the subconscious mind and take charge of your life!  


Healing practitioners will find  the alphabet to be a powerful tool that easily integrates into any modality. The Alphabet is derived from ancient Hebrew teachings, and accordingly, the attunement is given to us by Melchizadeck, keeper of Divine Wisdom with assistance from the Helix collective.  While anyone can use the alphabet,  we have found that the alphabet became exponentially more powerful after receiving the attunement, as alphabet tools become part of you! 


Each attunement will be unique to the individual, as two personal affirmations will be imprinted upon your energy field in addition to the alphabet. These affirmations will empower you with new positive, life affirming beliefs!  One affirmation will be chosen by you, the other by spirit (with your approval). 


You will also receive a manual and certificate of completion for this attunement. $77


Angel Alphabet

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