7 Flames of God

A message from Nadine

"I co-created the 7 flames of God based on teaching of the rays that resonated with me, and through the guidance of the Angels and Asceded Masters. I received my attunement directly from spirit, and after feeling it's power, I knew it was meant for everyone! Working  with the Angels, Masters and Elohim of the Rays as associated with the chakra system has been one of the most powerful, effective, and quick ways I have found to bring healing energies here on earth. I am trained in many modaliteis, however, this practice is the one I integrte into absolutley everything I do. Once I was shown by my guides, the angels, masters and Elohim how to work with these energies, healing became more easy and effortless.  I use the rays wherever I go, and I am always amazed at thier abilities to cut through desnse energy and create magic and miracles. " 


What are the 7 Flames of God?


The 7 flames are simply different divine aspects, qualities, energies, or characteristics of our creator. Each aspect has certain angels,  masters and colors that represent and govern each flame or ray. When we work directly with these flames, and the specific ascended masters, angels and elohim connected with them, profound emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical transformation can occur.


 How does 7 Flames of God differ from Sacred Flame Reiki?


With 7 Flames of God we work directly with the colors of the rays, while in Sacred Flame Reiki, we work with  flames that are the colors of the chakras. Secondly, in 7 Flames we work directly with each of the Masters , Angels and Elhohim as they associate with each of the flames/chakras.  I have found this modality to be extremely powerful, as it amplifys and acclerates all of my spiritual healing work.  Particularly, space clearing, distance healing, and mass public healings. Because the flames are so powerful, yet easy to use, (you can call on them virtually anytime, and anywhere), working with them has allowed me to integrate healing with more grace and ease into my daily life. Adding the 7 Flames into my healing practice has made me a more efficient and effective healer . It has truly streamlined all of my work!


What to expect-

This attunement is one-one with Nadine. For Distance Attunements the class portion will either take place over the phone or skype. The attunement is done at a distance with the receiver lying down or in meditative state. This is a longer attunement, lasting around 1 hour. Nadine follows up with a report via email/voice recording with messages that came through during the attunemet. 


When In person,  the attunement and class are completed in all in one session 2-2.5 hours.


All participants receive a course handout and certificate of completion.


Seven Flames of Source

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