Usui Reiki Attunements

There are many Reiki Teachers out there-Why learn with us?


* Each attunement includes a personal reading that illuminates  how this particular initation will impact your souls growth, and other personal messages from your angels, masters and guides.


During our 1-1 private Reiki classes, you will not only learn the basics of Reiki and energy healing, you will gain vital and little known information that we have gathered during the hundreds of healings we have done over the years. Lessons we have learned organically, and through the guidance of the angels, masters and guides.


1-1 training means that the lessons and attunements are tailored to your specific learning and healing needs. During your We are passionate about empowering our students to become wise and informed healers. The wealth of knowledge that we provide will allow you to perform healings in a way that empowers you and everyone you touch! You practice healing on your own time, and in a way that feels comfortable to you. We offer ongoing support during your practice. We’re here to answer your questions that come up along the way. With Energyworks Intuitive Healers, you will learn Reiki in an organic, heart centered manner, that forms a profound connection to you and your own inner wisdom and divinity.


Each Level includes a Reiki Initiation/Attunement. Here’s what that means:

  • Reiki Energy is permanently imprinted into your energy field.
  • Your chakras, and your entire energy system receive a deep clearing and vibrational upgrade.
  • Your psychic senses are activated, empowered and steadily increase.
  • You experience transformational healing on many levels (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical).
  • The blessings of these attunements are infinite and as unique as your beautiful soul!


Level 1  

Awaken your natural ability to heal yourself, and heal others.

Learn the basics of Reiki and energy healing. Discover the vital (but often unknown or ignored) steps to the healing process. Learn the transformative self healing process that supports you through your own healing journey.

  • Practice self healing for 21 days and document 3 healings to move to level 2


Level 2

The Power of Symbols & Distance Healing.

Become a more powerful and efficient healer/lightworker by employing the power of symbols in all that you do. Learn the three basic sacred Reiki symbols and use them to accelerate and advance all of your healing and spiritual work. The symbols make it easy to infuse your entire life and everything that you do with pure divine energy. Also, learn many different styles of distance healing and begin practicing on yourself and others.

  • Practice distance self healing for 21 days and document 6 healings to move to level 3


Level 3

Amplified Healing With the Master Symbol & Learn to Attune Others.

Be attuned to, and imprinted with the supreme Master Symbol and connect to your highest self! Learn how to use the master symbol to amplify all of your healing work, and begin practicing the attunement process! All of your healings will be deeply empowered by this attunement, and you’re likely to experience a huge shift in your personal vibration!

  • Practice a variety of attunement techniques on yourself and others, and document 4 attunements and 4 healings and answer questionnaire to move to level 4


Level 4 Teacher training

Receive a deeply empowering teacher attunement with the angels and ascended masters that will help you to:

  • Release blockages to guiding and teaching in your highest light
  • Be empowered to express yourself with more grace and ease
  • Connect you to universal divine knowledge and wisdom
  • Increase your channeling abilities


During the attunement, your crown, earthstar and soul star chakras will receive a deeply healing activation, and empowerment helping you to be a powerful bridge between heaven and earth.


All Attunements are available both distance and in-person.

Be attuned to Reiki and watch the miracles unfold!

Private Family Reiki Classes

Imagine your family channeling pure divine energies for self healing, and to heal one another. Envision your family fully empowered by their own natural healing abilities, able to face life's challenges with more grace and ease.  Reiki, will also deepen your family’s connection to source, remove blocks to your channeling abilities and increase your psychic senses. The blessings of Reiki are infinite.


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