Distance Healing

If we are unable to physically meet for a healing session, we can meet on the ethereal plane! Universal law tells us that in truth, all is one. Therefore, no matter where we are, there is no time and space between us. This is why distance healings and attunements can be just as powerful as in-person, hands on sessions. As with all healing, each individual experiences the healing differently. Some people are very sensitive to energy, and feel the energy moving on a very physical level.  While others just feel relaxed, joyful and experience a positive shift in their overall wellbeing following the healing. All experiences are appropriate, and they all lead to greater expansiveness, healing, and transformation.


With this session, you have the choice to either direct the healing by briefly explaining what you'd like to be healed. Or, you can just give us your name and we will tune into spirit and allow the healing to unfold. 

At time of booking, let us know if you prefer your long distance session to be done via phone, Skype or email (please note some are only available phone/Skype).

Please CLICK HERE to be taken to our Services page where you can choose the best distance session for you. 

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