Past Life Regressions

Ready to step off the karmic wheel? Uncover the root cause of your deepest challenges by taking a journey of discovery, unlocking memories of a past life experience that could hold the key to releasing your current life ailments! After the regression, you will receive a deep karmic cleansing and life stream healing allowing the past damage to begin repairing or to be completely released.

Past life regression therapy acknowledges that we are eternal beings, eternal souls, who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. This can affect many different areas of your life from relationship patterns that persist life time to life time or sub conscious past life memories leading to current phobias, fears and even current health ailments.


Level 1

Session Includes the past life regression with a karmic healing.


Level 2

Session includes 2 healings one before the past life regression to help clear your energy and obtain clearer visions, especially if you are currently experiencing a lot of stress, or have very little experience with meditation and then the karmic cleansing after the regression session to help heal any old wounds or patterns that come up.  


Group Past Life Regressions / Healings 
Minimum 4 people, each person will receive a regression with the karmic cleansing and life stream healing.

  • For these group sessions I can come to you with no travel fee inside twin cities. 
  • Service available with Frannie only.

Would you like an individualized consultation?

Call Fran at +612 229 5586.


Travel fees apply for private sessions in the Twin Cities suburbs

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