Soul Mission Ignition

Awakening the Soul Star; a body, mind and soul integration.  This powerful advanced healing session serves to align you to your life's purpose through the Soul Star chakra. Any blocks held deep in the cellular memory will be removed with psychic precision for an amazing full body alignment to your higher purpose. Working through all the Auric field layers and on the deepest soul level, this session is truly intense and requires us to offer this only to those of you who have received healings with us in the past.  Nadine and Frannie work together to provide this extraordinary healing experience! Imagine receiving 2.5 hours of angelic energy healing from two compassionate, heart centered healers. This session is life changing!

"Nadine and Frannie provided the most beautiful soul inspiring healing for me on Monday! I received the wonderful gift of over 2 1/2 hours of healing energy from these two that was done in a loving supportive manner! These lovely sisters are the most wonderful healers you will ever meet. They are so wise and loving! Every time I have received a healing from them I know that my life has been changed for the better and that my being is a little bit lighter. Whenever I need help processing and healing I know that it's time to set up a healing session with these two!"


"I was intrigued to hear about the Soul Mission Ignition sessions that Nadine and Frannie were offering.  I have felt that a change was due in my life, and was ready for one – I just didn’t know what my life’s purpose was.   I needed clarification and focus.  When I arrived, my heart and soul felt very heavy.  I felt I was not clear and not on the path I was supposed to be.  Nadine and Frannie helped me clarify what that might look like, and then helped me put it out to the universe.  That felt very comforting and energizing.  It was when Nadine told me she was clearing the clutter out from me that I literally felt the weight lift off and dissipate.  I felt like I could walk above the ground when I left.  I had clarity, purpose and motivation to make the changes in my life that I need to.  I felt healed and uplifted.  There was unconditional love all around me.  Nadine and Frannie helped me let go of guilt and negative messages that I now know I was carrying around with me, needlessly.  I have been seeing “The Chakra Sisters” for over a year now, on a regular basis and they have lovingly helped me through difficult choices and decisions in my life with unwavering acceptance and love.  If you’re feeling bogged down or in a fog; give Nadine and Frannie a chance to bring the blue skies, clarity and positivity back into your life.  They do it with respect, love and divine guidance."


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