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The spaces you work and live in hold an energetic imprint from your thoughts and experiences, as well as from those who came before you. Some of these energies are positive. However, often, we find stagnant energy lurking in the corners and other areas of even our most our sacred spaces. This energy can effect how you feel on all levels. Stagnant energy can leave us feeling sad, make it difficult to concentrate, hard to sleep and negatively impact our energy levels. That is why it is just as critical to clear the energy of your home and office as it is to clear your physical body. Once you clear the stagnant energy out of your personal space and channel in healing energies, you will be able to thrive in your environment, instead of being drained by it. Vital times for space clearing: moving into a new home or office, following an illness, argument, divorce, other traumatic incidences. EnergyWORKS! intuitive healers will conduct a comprehensive testing and clearing in your space. We will travel through each room of your home or office to thoroughly clear away all negative lower energies and replace them with pure healing energies that will support you and your loved ones.


What to expect:

It is just as important to energetically clear your space as it is to clear your body. While it's not necessary, it is a good idea to clutter clear your home before we conduct a space clearing, as many items of clutter contain stagnant energy. We will give you tips on clutter clearing before our visit. We use many tools, including; herbs,pendulums, bells, crystals, chants to test and clear the energy in your home or work space. For a totally unique and customized experience, we tune into your space before our visit to find the exact tools(i.e. specific crystals , chants, etc.) that will work best for your  particular space. 

We begin with a brief meditation/prayer, test and clear spaces, retesting along the way. Once the clearing is complete, we will lock the clean energy in.  Depending on the size of the space, and the depth of stagnant energy, a space clearing can take anywhere from 1-3+ hours.  The average 3 bed room home will typically take between 2-2.5 hrs for the to clear and bless. Many people describe feeling more joyful, peaceful and safe in a cleared environment. 

Distance Space Clearing

Just as we can 'tune' into and clear a person's energy at a distance, we can do the same with a space.  In order to clear and bless your space remotely,  we'll need a floor plan (sketches work), the address of the location, and  the names of people who live or work there. Each person will receive a mini clearing as well.  Please include a brief description of your concerns about the space, and what kind of energy you'd like to bring in.



Location Duration Cost
Your Space 1.5-2 hours $100.00 per hour
 Distance Clearing 1.-1.5 hours $85.00
  • Price reflects the intensity of this work- if you are in need and do not have the means, please do not hesitate to contact us about our sliding scale. We are dedicated to serving our community.
  • Only Long distance are available for purchase through paypal. 

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