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Messenger of the Light-Channeling Class!!!  Available fully online after May 23rd.
May 20th & 21st

Become A PURE LIGHT CHANNEL W/Nadine and Frannie of Energy Works Healers
Level 1 Certification Course For ALL levels Beginners and Seasoned Channels
Walk the AMAZING Path of Channeling to divinely guide yourself and others.
Ignite and Accelerate your Psychic Senses

  • Expand your light in a safe, loving way, by spending two days playing with the Angels and most pure universal beings *Plus your heart centered guides Nadine and Frannie.
  • Learn technologies/practices needed for Pure Love Light Channeling.
  • Understand and Clear Layers of Energetic Blockages to Pure Channeling, (including past lives).
  • Receive Several Light attunements /transmissions connecting you with the Highest Purest Channeling guides.
  • Receive a Channeled Personal Development plan-by Nadine and Frannie
  • Channel from the heart
  • Upgrade your Energy System
  • Transform Your Life
  • Gain loving Support On your Pathway
  • Supercharge Your Healing and Reading Abilities
  • Learn to Discern the messages you are receiving from spirit
  • Begin or enhance your connection to Your spirit guides

Saturday and Sunday May 20th &21st 11:30am-3:30pm
Nadine's home in St. Paul AND ONLINE
Early Registration Special-$200 REGISTER NOW...
$225 after
***Special Cash Price $200 must pre-register/rsvp

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On Demand Class
Whether you’ve ‘tried it all’ when it comes to protecting your energies, or you’re new to the process, this class is for you! We’ll get to the truth about psychic protection/cleansing and teach you what you can do to keep your energies clear and strong, so you can live a more joyful and peaceful life.
During this class we will
• Learn why your energy practices don’t seem to cut it.
• Discuss the major causes for energy depletion and psychic attack.
• Discover the vast array of many lesser known, spiritual helpers available to you for energy protection and cleansing.

*Clear negative programming or subconscious beliefs that sabotage your protection practices.
• Receive an energetic upgrade/attunement for protection and cleansing from the angels and masters.
• Take the driver’s seat, and learn to harness and maintain your energies. 
• Practice magical energy protection and cleansing exercises.
• Take your POWER Back!

This course includes:

*Audio recording (attunement+ class), some video (movement)

*PDF Handout

*Certificate of Completion

The course will be made available to you via a password protected page and the audio/video portion will be on private Youtube videos. We willo need your Youtube account info to grant you access. 

Tuition: $45


" I am a healing touch practitioner that often goes to other people's homes for their session. I recently used one of the practices during a healing session where I felt intense dark energies, and I COULD feel it working immediately. I feel like I gained my power back. It is truly amazing." Rachel A.

"This class was information PACKED. " I go back to the handout all the time and I feel better than ever before. I wish I had taken this course years ago!!!! Michelle N.

"I work with children with disabilities, and run into a lot of negativity, especially from the staff. This course offers such a great variety of practices, you are never at a loss for what to do, you've got a toolkit for working with lower energies." Sarah F.

"Something has shifted in me, I no longer fear the darkness or fear the world, I am free to be and do what I am meant to." Mary G.


This Global On-line Class is Now  Available Whenever you are, it's On Demand! 


CHAKRA BOOTCAMP: Self Healing IntensiveWorkshop:
Tuition $144 Scholorships Available, Contact Nadine

In this transformational workshop you will receive a powerful healing attunement and energetic upgrade from the angels and masters as well as distance "hands on healing" activation for each of the 7 major chakras. 
*Open and strengthen your psychic senses.
* Learn practical yet powerful self healing techniques you can easily incorporate into your life.
*Gain a deep understanding of how the condition of each chakra directly impacts your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
*Learn to test your chakras and the chakras of others using a pendulum, so you can get an instant view of the current state of your energy centers.
*Clear emotional and mental baggage that holds you back from experiencing joy and success.
*Work directly with the angels and ascended masters to deeply clear and heal your chakras.

* You will receive a Certificate of Completion for this course.

"Nadine Dassier's Chakra Healing Class laid a foundation for deep healing to occur, which reverberated out to all areas of my life. Nadine's thorough knowledge of the chakra system, Angels, Ascended Masters, healing oils, crystals, mudras, and mantras will equip you with an abundance of tools to create positive change in your life. The intimate group setting of like-minded individuals provides a safe atmosphere where you will feel free to relax and open to this deep healing. Channeled meditations – also available on CD for repeated listening – will expertly guide you each week in clearing away energy that you are ready to release, as you awaken more deeply into the light and love that is truly the foundation of your being.
A powerful force for healing force will be activated in your life just by sending out the intention to the universe that you are ready for this and willing to heal your life." Mac
"This class taught me that no matter how dark things get, I can always turn them around! The healings and meditations were amazing!!!! A.F.

"My experience in the 8 week chakra course was completely life transforming. I learned so much about myself, energy, and universal wisdom. I reached a great deal of enlightenment through this course, I use this knowledge to help others, and to function in day to day life. Endless love and gratitude for Nadine and Fran!Much love!"  Mallory
"To begin with, I didn't know much about chakras, but I had previously been to Nadine and Fran's clinic at Present Moment Books and Herbs and had good experiences.  On a last-minute whim, I signed up for the chakra class, and I'm so glad I did!  First of all, I gained a solid grasp on the meaning of each chakra by focusing on one per week and getting a packet of information to take home.  I enjoyed having something concrete to refer to later, and it was much easier than researching on my own online. 
The experiential learning that took place in class was invaluable as well.  The meditations Nadine put together were powerful, and I always felt uplifted at the end of class.  Also, by recognizing the insights I received during the meditations and by practicing using a pendulum, I became more comfortable trusting my own intuition.  Things I had previously considered to be strange coincidences or fleeting thoughts, I began to recognize as guidance I could use.  The movement from doubt toward trust and love is not something you can put a price on, and this class definitely helped catalyze such a shift in my life.  It was truly a transformative experience, and the changes are still unfolding months later." M.Y.



Each week we will email you a password to access the class from the student tools page on our website. There will be a pdf to download and a series of voice recording/video tutorials for each class. You may listen/watch as much as you want, until the next class is posted the following Sunday. The majority of the class will be a voice recording. However, the movement will be in video format. Both will be via private youtube, so this will require a youtube account to access the class.


You will also need a pendulum that you have cleansed or cleared a head of time, so it is ready to go for our first session. We will program the pendulum together. 


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