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This is a time of huge growth and expansion on our planet. We must band together and make the most out of this global death/rebirthing cycle. We are offering some sepcials so you can come out of this Virus Outbreak stonger, lighter, brighter than ever before. 




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Nadine is going to begin recording reular advanced attunements from the Angels and Masters



Saint Padre Pio Attunement- This Saint was famous for his profound psychic gifts, as well as his miraculous healing and prayer work. Attune with him to reignite your own miracle worker and awaken the powers of prayers, vigils and alchemy. 

As he was also known for stigmata (bleeding from the hands and feet), we will also clear negative attachments to healing outcomes as well as the need to prove ourselves or suffer as healers.  


*Remember Your Power and Awaken Your Inner Miracle worker

*Immerse yourself in Prayer and Ritual

* Create your Own Miracle "Secret Weapon" Prayer

*Be a powerful Conduit for the light

*Bring greater Hope and Peace to the Planet


What you'll get- Full Moon Live Video Healing Sesson + 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement /Activation Introduction and a Personal Message from Padre just for you!


Peace Pilgrim Attunement-Known for being a wandering Peacemaker, Peace Pilgrim traveled on foot across the US, Canada and Mexico, mostly on foot for decades, spreading her message of peace. She did all this with nothing but the clothes on her back. Can you imagine an adorable little old women hitchhiking in the middle of the night and living off the kindness of strangers. She absolutely changed the lives of everyone she met. This was all because she believed in the goodness that lies in all of humanity! She saw no one as an enemy and she unarmed all the attackers she ever met. She was an absolute Peace Keeper. During this attunement you will heal a deep level of your relationship with humanity, assist you in living in harmony with mother earth, and experience a greater sense of protection that ever before. You will also become more INSPIRED and steadfast on your own path of purpose. No matter how crazy it sounds to others. 


*Fall In love with Humanity.

*Be more Divinely Protected.

* Create Healthier Boundaries.

*Fear-less-ly move into your purpose.

See God in all thingss.

*See energy more clearly.

What you'll get- 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement /Activation Introduction and a Personal Message from Padre just for you!



Learn More about 8 Week Chakra Awakening Intensive



Learn More about Channeling Class 1 and 2 

Level 1-https://www.energyworkshealers.com/divine-channeling-class/

Level 2- https://www.energyworkshealers.com/channeling-level-2/


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Healing at all price points Angelic Aoul Reading and Healing is our Most popular



Many Global Session here Personal Life Purpose, Success, Love activations and More!



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