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Divine Light Offerings

Success Activation/Attunement

During this Session we will focus on one area of your life that you'd like to create positive movment and forward momentum in.


We'll tune in with your angels and guides and bring forth whatever soul medicine you require to align you with success in this area. Your energy body will be attuned to the Angels, crystals, flowers, tree and animal spirits that will align you with the best possible outcome.  Please note you will do a 21 day self healing to solidify this attunement. 


****This is an interactive reading and healing session not a personalinzed meditation. As will all my recorded session, we will have you pause the recording at times to receive some of the deeper activations. This enables us to give you an amazingly deep healing for an awesome price. 


We will include a list of all the healing energies that came through for you so you may call upon them daily  during your meditation/self heal practice to re-attune yourself for 21 days following the session. 


IF you are looking for a personalized meditation. Click here.


Seesion Type

Message From your Angels Readings $22 Mp3Learn whatever your Angels and guides want you to know right now.  You'll be amazed by what comes through. These readings are both fun and illuminating! This also include mini healing and attunements that you soul require at this time.  

Life Purpose Reading $44 MP3, Live $88

What are your unique gifts? What do you need to do in order to align with the highest version of your divine plan? This session will include deep clearing and empowerments to assist you in living in your purpose!

Session Type

Psychic Gifts Activations $44 MP3, Live $88

 Awaken, Revitalize and Deepen your Psychic Senses. Each activation will include a clearing and empowerment. This attunement will be designed to enhance and awaken your unique gifts. You'll also receive messages from  your angels and guides and learn how they are assisting you in developing your intuitive gifts at this time. 

Session Type

Past Life Reading/ Activation $44 MP3, Live $88

Curious about who or where you've been before, and how this could be impacting you in the now? During this session we will discover the most relevant past life in your present, and clear negative imprints that are holding you back from living the life your soul desires.

Session Type

Love Life/Twin Flame Healing MP3 $44 Live $88

 How can you align with LOVE in it's highest form? Receive guidance and blessings to bring harmony to and shed light upon your current relationships or clear the path to your soul mate. If you are currently looking for Love, we will do a manifestation ceremony together. Let there be LOVE!


Session Type

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*Celestial Chakra Healing

*Angelic Soul Reading Healing

*Soul Mission Ignition

*Angelic Space Clearing

*Spiritual Gauidance

*Accelerated Manifestation

*Past Life Regression

*Helix Healing



Healer Development Activations/Attunements & Training


Click Here for Our Healer Activations/Certifications


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Angel and Ascended Master Attunments 

Would you like to embody the divine frequences of a particular Angel or Ascended Master? Check out Our Channeled MP3 Attunements


More Intuitive Readings/Ceremonies


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* 1 question Reading

*3 Question Reading

*Mediumship Session

*Personal Year/Birthday Reading&Blessings Ceremony


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