Attunements for your Soul


Become a powerful channel for Spirit, expand your psychic senses and experience deep chakra cleansing with our energy attunements.


What is attunement? Its a process through which certain high frequency energy (i.e.Reiki, Specific Angels, Symbols, etc) are imprinted upon, or placed into your energy body by an Master Level Healer (incarnate or otherwise). That frequency becomes one with you and you receive a permanent energetic upgrade, making you a clearer and more powerful channel for spirit. During the process, you also release dark energies that are not in alignment with the new pure energies you have received.

USUI REIKI Want to activate your innate healing powers?

Take Reiki with us! Why learn with us? You will learn skills that  no one else shares. We teach what we wish others would have taught us!


Advanced Attunements:

Upgrade your energy, deepen your healing skills and become an even more powerful channel?


Classes, Certifications and Attunements



Pleiadian Attunment 60 minutes $125.00
Angel Shakti Attunement/Certification Self Study 60 minutes $ 150.00
Angel Varja Attunement/Certification Self Study 60 minutes $150.00
Gaia Four Elements Attunement Pre Recorded $35.00
Gaia Four Elements Attunement one-on-one $75.00
Seven Flames of Source   $177.00
Four Archangels   $100.00
 Archangel and Ascended Master Attunements on Demand Subscription   $22-28
Sacred Flame Reiki Attunement  Distance email notes, or phone/Skype Inperson $88-$150
Usui Reiki Attunement Level 1 120 minutes $120.00
Usui Reiki Attunement Level 2 120 minutes $200.00
Usui Reiki Attunement Level 3 120 minutes $275.00
Usui Reiki Attunement Teacher 120 minutes $250.00
Usui Reiki Private Family Classes 120 minutes  


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