Gaia Four Elements Attunement

Do you feel highly connected to spirit, yet struggle with manifesting your desires and creating the life that you want? Do you find it hard to stay grounded no matter what you do?

During this time of increased spiritual evolution, maintaining a deeply grounded  connection to the earth has become one of our greatest challenges!Yet, our ability to manifest our desires, fulfill our life's purpose and thrive in life, rely on us having a profound connection with our beloved planet.
During this attunement, the four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) and their symbols will be imprinted into your energy field, helping you to release blocks and form a deep, lasting connection with  the earth. Gaia, Archangels Ariel & Sandalphon, and Goddess Nematona (sacred spaces) will guide this attunement and bless you with their divine frequencies. You will also learn how to use the symbols to heal yourself, and the planet.


All participants will receive a voice recording of the class, and attunement, a manual, and certificate. 



Whether you’ve ‘tried it all’ when it comes to protecting your energies, or you’re new to the process, this class is for you! We’ll get to the truth about psychic protection/cleansing and teach you what you can do to keep your energies clear and strong, so you can live a more joyful and peaceful life.
During this class we will
• Learn why your energy practices don’t seem to cut it.
• Discuss the major causes for energy depletion and psychic attack.
• Discover the vast array of many lesser known, spiritual helpers available to you for energy protection and cleansing.

*Clear negative programming or subconscious beliefs that sabotage your protection practices.
• Receive an energetic upgrade/attunement for protection and cleansing from the angels and masters.
• Take the driver’s seat, and learn to harness and maintain your energies. 
• Practice magical energy protection and cleansing exercises.
• Take your POWER Back!

This course includes:

*Audio recording (attunement+ class), some video (movement)

*PDF Handout

*Certificate of Completion

The course will be made available to you via a password protected page and the audio/video portion will be on private Youtube videos. We willo need your Youtube account info to grant you access. 

Tuition: $45


" I am a healing touch practitioner that often goes to other people's homes for their session. I recently used one of the practices during a healing session where I felt intense dark energies, and I COULD feel it working immediately. I feel like I gained my power back. It is truly amazing." Rachel A.

"This class was information PACKED. " I go back to the handout all the time and I feel better than ever before. I wish I had taken this course years ago!!!! Michelle N.

"I work with children with disabilities, and run into a lot of negativity, especially from the staff. This course offers such a great variety of practices, you are never at a loss for what to do, you've got a toolkit for working with lower energies." Sarah F.

"Something has shifted in me, I no longer fear the darkness or fear the world, I am free to be and do what I am meant to." Mary G.


Earth Star Chakra Class

The Earth Star chakra is one of the most vital chakras to our human journey. It is our grounding cord and anchor to the earth. It also holds past life, ancestral and collective karma. This chakra is so critical to our health and wellness, especially in such a spiritually advanced time.

When it is balanced, we are able to easily release excess energy, as well as receive loving energies from the earth. The earth star is also critical to the integration of all the healing energies we receive and lays the foundation for all of our spiritual work as well as life's purpose.

Want to channel the powers and abilities of your ancestors and past lives to accelerate your personal evolution?

Then join us for Earth STAR Chakra Healing Class.

  • Clear blockages between our grounding cords and our beloved earth mother to GAIN MORE ENERGY for everyday life.
  • Learn about and connect with the loving beings of light who heal this chakra, including the elementals.
  • Begin to access and integrate the powers, skills and abilities of your ancestors, past lives and higher self so you can move forward into your life purpose with grace and ease.
  • Get grounded on a deeper level.
  • Become clearer channels of love and light for ourselves and the planet.
  • Heal ancestral/collective/past life karma.
  • Experience healing on all levels of our being.
  • Learn techniques to use every day to supportthe Earth STAR chakra.

This includes 3 MP3; 1 class, 1 Attunement, 1 tune up as well as the course handout.. However, we have been guided to open this particular class up to everyone, because this healing is so needed on our planet at this time. The Earth Star is a vital part of our spiritual evolvement, and is time for us collectively to bring this center into balance, and get to work on healing our planet!

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