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1 question Reading , Provider Nadine
"I was amazed and so pleased at the depth of information Nadine brought forth with just one question asked. I am now on the mailing list, looking at Attunements, etc."

Cheryl M.

Heal/reading,Provider Frannie
"My experience was a positive one, i was a mess when we both talked I feel liberated. empower I feel excited. i recommend her to everyone." Berna

Advanced Attunement, Provider Nadine Dassier
"I requested to receive an attunement and I started to feel an increase in energy and an improvement in my mood as soon as I received the email from Nadine explaining about how the attunement works.  I feel lighter and more certain about what direction I am to be heading in.  I am so happy that I decided to try an attunement." Ruth, Canada

Chakra Healing, Provider Nadine Dassier
"This healing was amazing!!!!  Before my healing with Nadine Dassier, my body was feeling tired and ill .  I had every physical problem that I could think of.  Through God and our Divine Universe and all the Arch Angels...I received a healing today!!  I feel so much love and happiness for life and for myself.  I feel like years of stress and sadness were stripped off of me.  Today is my future and I have no past!!!!"
Thank You!!! Teresa G. California

Celestial Chakra Healing 

"I feel so grounded to the earth and so connected to the heavens. Love and gratitude is permeating every cell in my body. Thank you for doing this for me!! Why aren't you wearing a superhero cape everywhere you go?" R.A.

Celestial Chakra Healing 

"My first time ever receiving energy work/healing and I loved it. Nadine was very intuitive and knew things I couldn't have communicated. The healing goes beyond words, it felt like a calming cool fire opening and healing my chakras and subconscious wounds. I recommend and will be back for more services." L.J.

Celestial Chakra Healing 

"Nadine is a beautiful generous soul, her healing was amazing and empowering. I have no words to express how grateful and satisfied I am with her energy work. Definitely recommend it 1000000stars for her " A.C.

Celestial Chakra Healing 

"I've gotten ALOT of healings and I've NEVER felt a shift like this before! I mean this is big. THANK YOU! J. V.

Celestial Chakra Healing 

"WOW! The energy shift is huge! Thank you  for being part of me reclaiming my inner Goddess. I have missed her!" B.F.

Celestial Chakra Healing (negative entity removal)

"Hi Nadine, I just wanted to let you know how much better I feel after our session. I felt so relaxed immediately afterwards, and woke up the next day in a really good mood with a new attitude. Thank you so much!!! I am giving your name out to everybody. I so appreciate your work. Have a wonderful day!" S.K., Psychic Medium

Celestial Chakra Healing

"Nadine, I am so thankful I got to meet you today. You are such an amazing and powerful person. I felt a sense of peace and positivity after the session with you. I felt so much clearer in my head which is something I really needed. I loved the angel readings too. They were so accurate. Thank you for your wonderful works of healing."
Thank you,


Clelestial Chakra Reading and Healing

"Have you ever been healed? Internally? The feeling where all is lifted and the heart and mind ascends. Well that's the feeling that arose when Francoise Dassier first walked into my home. The work had not even begun but when it did the experience was like no other. I knew God's angels immediately were in the room while the procedure had taken place. When I gave the allowance for the healer to heal me the affect was tripled. All I did was relax breath, trust and know that God is guiding the hands of the healer. During the process I was fully conscious but I felt the I AM presence surge through me. I couldn't really move or talk and I didn't want to both because I felt comfortable and most of all I knew that it was Spirit telling me that the miracle works had begun. I could start to feel a shift in the energy of the room and within myself. After the energy centers within the body were balanced out I just knew I was operating at optimum capacity with clairvoyant clarity and a love that could transcend the law of gravity. 

To experience such tranquility felt powerful and I would recommend anyone to feel the healing hands of God and try for themselves what a marvel it was to come again to place where you're every chakra is in harmony while both you and all else around you synchronize in love and union ship."

James Savino

"Thank you Nadine,  I feel so blessed to be working with you. I am really beginning to feel this beautiful positive shift. I am so very grateful for your guidance and insight.xo"

"Nadine, Thank you so much for the energy work on Friday! I wanted to tell you how much it impacted me.  Friday was absolutely a gift.  Before Friday, I felt like I was walking around in a different country and I didn't know the language. Going through life, doing my best but definitely just surviving. I felt sick, stuck, and drained. Lost in an orb of confusion.  After our session, you helped me realize that I was Clairsentient.  It took me til now to really digest the experience. You have given me a key or legend to figuring out my purpose. Almost like a Reality/ Clairsentient to English dictionary. A tool to understanding the world around me. Everything makes sense now. I wanted you to know how grateful I am, and utterly moved I am. This was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Thank you for helping me. Love and Light vibes to you!"
Angela Boswell

"Nadine is truly a gifted healer on many levels.  After my healing, I immediately felt a shift in my energy level.  I felt a sense of peace and reassurance in mind and body.  Not only does she do healing and energy work but she goes beyond and provides direct and inspiring messages to further grow within your present situation and life purpose.  Her compassion in her messages are calming, healing and modivating.  I highly recommend Nadine." 

Jenny Canfield

"Nadine, I've had such a better feeling every day after starting the chakra clearings with you. I feel integrated, also am calmer when people about me are acting like idiots. I have patience with them. What a blessing! "
Reva R.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday healing yesterday!  I'm not even going to try to put my feelings into words, and will trust that you know how profoundly touched I was."

"Nadine, Thx wonderful POWERFUL Session,WOW
Feeling power coming back!
Will schedule again b/f full moon.
Wish could apprentice under you! Such POWERFUL MAGIC!!


"Nadine, It was so nice meeting you and Fran yesterday. I wanted to thank you so much for all the work you've done on me yesterday. I felt very safe and peaceful. I feel so blessed, fortunate and grateful to have found you. You are both such beautiful souls (and beautiful women) and you are spreading so much love and joy all around you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

Comments about our classes:

"The 8 week Chakra Meditation course with Nadine was extremely helpful and healing for me. I was very busy, full time school and work and still trying to having a social life but every week I went to the chakra class and I would leave smiling and knowing I could take on anything the universe had to offer because it was just learning opportunities for me to grow. Also that I was never alone because I had many guides and spirits helping at all times. The classes really helped me remember we always have help at our fingertips if we just take the time to ASK and LISTEN."

"The 8-week chakra class helped propel me on my healing journey, and I cannot recommend it highly enough! To begin with, I didn't know much about chakras, but I had previously been to Nadine and Fran's clinic at Present Moment Books and Herbs and had good experiences.  On a last-minute whim, I signed up for the chakra class, and I'm so glad I did!  First of all, I gained a solid grasp on the meaning of each chakra by focusing on one per week and getting a packet of information to take home.  I enjoyed having something concrete to refer to later, and it was much easier than researching on my own online.  

The experiential learning that took place in class was invaluable as well.  The meditations Nadine put together were powerful, and I always felt uplifted at the end of class.  Also, by recognizing the insights I received during the meditations and by practicing using a pendulum, I became more comfortable trusting my own intuition.  Things I had previously considered to be strange coincidences or fleeting thoughts, I began to recognize as guidance I could use.  The movement from doubt toward trust and love is not something you can put a price on, and this class definitely helped catalyze such a shift in my life.  It was truly a transformative experience, and the changes are still unfolding months later."


"Nadine Dassier's Eight-Week Chakra Healing Class laid a foundation for deep healing to occur, which reverberated out to all areas of my life. Nadine's thorough knowledge of the chakra system, Angels, Ascended Masters, healing oils, crystals, mudras, and mantras will equip you with an abundance of tools to create positive change in your life. The intimate group setting of like-minded individuals provides a safe atmosphere where you will feel free to relax and open to this deep healing. Channeled meditations – also available on CD for repeated listening – will expertly guide you each week in clearing away energy that you are ready to release, as you awaken more deeply into the light and love that is truly the foundation of your being.
A powerful force for healing force will be activated in your life just by sending out the intention to the universe that you are ready for this and willing to heal your life!"



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