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Present Moment Books and Herbs: 3546 Grand Ave S. Mpls, 55408 




Frannies' Offerings at Present Moment Include

 1-1 Healing and Reading Sessions

Mediumship, Healer Training/Certifications


Community Healing Chakra Clinic 2x a month-See Details Below


Monthly Group Past Life Regression -See Details Below


Nadine-St. Paul

Nadine's Home & Healing Sanctuary :Saint Paul, MN 55106




Nadines' Offerings at her home in St. Paul Include


 1-1 Healing and Reading Sessions, Healer Training/Certifications


This is also Energyworks hombase for our Group Meditations and Spiritual  Healing Classes.




Click here to Check out our Complete List of Angelic Healing and Readings Services For Every Aspect of your Life!

*Celestial Chakra Healing

*Angelic Soul Reading Healing

*Soul Mission Ignition

*Angelic Space Clearing

*Spiritual Gauidance

*Accelerated Manifestation

*Past Life Regression

*Helix Healing


Healer Development Activations/Attunements & Training


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Click Here for 1-1 Healer Mentorship

Additional Intuitive Readings/Ceremonies


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* 1 question Reading

*3 Question Reading

*Mediumship Session

*Personal Year/Birthday Reading&Blessings Ceremony

Community Chakra Clinic

We are commited to making transformational energy healing affordable and accessible to everyone!


We support this mission by offering a Community Chakra Healing Clinc Suggested Donation is just $20. We offer these amazing ANGELIC SOUL READING AND HEALINGS at Present Moment Books and Herbs.


1st and 3rd Staurdays of each month from 1:40pm-5:40pm. Text Frannie at 612-229-5586 to reserve your spot!


Please note preferred mode of payment for Clinic is Cash. Use button below when card transaction are needed.


Chakra Clinic Healing Session w/Frannie

Monthly Past Life Regression Group Sessions at Present Moment

Past Life Regression Through The Chakras!
Where: Present Moment 3546 Grand Ave S Mpls MN 55409
Cost $20 per person
When 3rd Thursday 6:30-8pm
Join Frannie Dassier for a powerful past life regression and healing. This unique group healing is a journey through the chakras, recalling past lives with the purpose of healing karma and releasing blockages, patterns or anything that may be hindering you on your soul path.
Past life regression healing fully connects to the concept that we are eternal beings, eternal souls, who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. This can affect many different areas of your life from relationship patterns that persist life time to life time or sub conscious past life memories leading to current phobias, fears and even current health ailments.

This is a totally new way of releasing past life patterns from our system by honing in on specific chakras, skills and emotions. Frannie is committed to doing healing work with you during the entire session as it is most beneficial to not only connect with and remember past life experiences but also to heal them from your system by releasing the energies or even toxic patterns. By receiving a healing prior to and after this journey you leave this session filled with divine love to assist you in processing and integrating the information. There are also free Past life readings and clarifications as time allows. See you there!

RSVP 612-229-5586 text welcome

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Present Moment Books and Herbs: 3546 Grand Ave S. Mpls, 55408



Nadine's Home & Healing Sanctuary :Saint Paul, MN 55106



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