Divine Channeling Class Level 1

Messengers of the Light    

Available Online- Start Today! Become A PURE LIGHT CHANNEL W/Nadine and Frannie 

Level 1 Certification Course For ALL levels Beginners and Seasoned Channels

Walk the AMAZING Path of Channeling to divinely guide yourself and others.

Ignite and Accelerate your Psychic Senses


  • Expand your light in a safe, loving way, by spending time playing with the Angels and most pure universal beings *Plus your heart centered guides Nadine and Frannie.
  • Learn technologies/practices needed for Pure Love Light Channeling.
  • Understand and Clear Layers of Energetic Blockages to Pure Channeling, (including past lives).
  • Receive Several Light attunements /transmissions connecting you with the Highest Purest Channeling guides.
  • Receive a Channeled Personal Development plan-by Nadine and Frannie
  • Channel from the heart
  • Upgrade your Energy System
  • Transform Your Life
  • Gain loving Support On your Pathway
  • Supercharge Your Healing and Reading Abilities
  • Learn to Discern the messages you are receiving from spirit
  • Begin or enhance your connection to Your spirit guides
  • The online course includes 26 videos!!!


Course Tuition is ONLY $250 USD Half the Price of Similar Courses with Double the Value!

price 250.00



"I just wanted to check in with you ladies to tell you how much this course has helped me! After years of struggleing to hear my guides, I finally feel connected with them. The other day I asked them a question, and actually got an answer that resonated clearly throught my entire body! You have no idea how amazing this is for me! Selena MN, US


Nadine and Frannie~
This class was beautiful. I got SO much from it. I am still feeling it and opening up even more. Very heartfelt, interactive and light. I feel like I say "I am a divine messenger~" and know that it's true. I look forward to the next class. Thank you for what you are bringing to this world and being the beautiful souls you are~
Heather-Utah, US



Dearest Nadine & Fran,

I don't know how to thank you both girls for your love, teachings, guidance, well everything. You are more than angels. You give from the heart, no ego &no holding back. I have done the 21 days and the Divine Channelling Level 1 and it's been incredible. Have learned, opened up and connected more than ever with my true self and angels and masters and all that is. Done so many courses in my life but yours top everything. Your attunements are out of this world. I am a changed person. I wake up and go to bed with a smile. I love myself, the world and all that is. I am so full of joy & energy and keep sharing it around. Will follow you everywhere girls and for sure will do Divine Channeling L2 in June, please let me know.

Thanks again ever so much my beautiful goddesses and take care.

Love you




"I love this class! You ladies are hold such beautiful light, I feel so safe working with you. I was amazed by the fact that I went to an entire past life workshop with a famous Hayhouse author and got absolutely nothing. But during this course I got a vision and was able to discern the messages and understand the message from spirit for my past life card reading exercise due to the amazing healings and attunements!!! Joanna -Iceland


My psychic senses have increased dramatically since taking the channeling class. Frannie and Nadine are so knowledgeable and share it in a way that's easy to understand and to soak up! I learned a lot of things that made so much sense that I had never heard or contemplated before. The thing that makes their program even more extra special is the attunements and past life regression to further activate your psychic senses and clear blockages... this made all the difference in the world. Such a great class, I highly recommend for anyone interested in becoming a channel! Megan, MN US


"Last week I have started the "Messenger of the Light Channeling Course" offered by Nadine and Frannie. It is a Journey, such a beautiful Journey, a recalibration of the self and a clearing of our"Antenna"selves, a awakening, a confirmation of our innate divine connection with all that is and the Divine Source and it is saturated with insight, delightful practices, initiation and attunements. Everything is presented with the loving and wise presence and guidance of the two angelic sisters and their and our guardians, angels and archangels. It is a vast space of light, love and it is empowering the whole being we are. It is a matchless gift for whoever feel the sweet inspiration of deepening and diving in the beautiful land of Home<3 thanks with gratitude to all of you. love love love "Jayesh-Italy

     Online Course Details

To access the course, you will login to a secure page on our website. Once you purchase the course, we will send you the course links, login and other important information. 


You will have an entire month to access and complete the course. However, we highly suggest viewing all the course content within 2 weeks, then spending the remaining time to review the comprehensive course materials. This approach will put you ina natural flow with the process, and  ensure you receive the highest benefit from the program.

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