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Reiki Empowered Healing Art

Add an Instant Energy Boost to Any Space! Amplify yourFeng Shui Zones!

Remember why you are here. Let the Angels and Ascended Masters assist you through this High Frequency Healing Art. If you feel drawn to a particular image or word it may be something that your Soul is seeking. What do you want to bring into your life? Let your intuition guide you to choose what will best accelerate and support your spiritual journey today. Use these prints to bring magical healing into your space and into your life!

Nadine works with each print individually to ensure that it is infused with, and carries the highest vibrations to sooth your soul.

Reiki Empowered Healing Art
Name of Piece

Angel Clearing and Healing

Whatever troubles you can be released with the help of the angels. Open up to letting go of the old and call upon Archangel Michael to swiftly cut your cords to fear and clear away the old and outdated situations and energies in your life. Then ask for love to replace all the stagnation that you have released.


Angelic Third Eye Attunement

Archangels Jophiel and Raphael open, activate and cleanse the third eye chakra, helping us to see with great clarity, enhancing our dreamwork and empowering our psychic abilites. Use this image to invoke there healing energies and to fully activating your inner vision and divine sight. Begin to see the world, and everyone around you through the eyes of the angels, and you will find love and hope everywhere you go!

Angels in Waiting

The Angels are always around us. Yet, because of the law of free will, they may not intervene unless we ask. That is why it is so important to have reminders around us that the angels are waiting for us to all upon them for their assistance. Ask and you shall receive (that or something better)! Affirm, "I am totally open to receiving divine intervention."

Archangel Gabriel

Anchor the energies of this beloved angel into your space and into your life! Archangel Gabriel, whose name means “God is my strength”, is a messenger angel who activates deep throat chakra healing. Archangel Gabriel infuses our words with love and wisdom, and helps us move into our life purpose (especially if it is in communications). Gabriel helps us to express and share our soul’s beauty with the world both interpersonally and professionally. Gabriel is connected to the white flame of purification and helps us to connect with the divine feminine. She is also known for watching over mothers, especially during pregnancy and childbirth, as well as their children.

Archangel Haniel

Archangel Haniel is the moon angel. She can assist us in utilizing the energies of the full moon for releasing all that no longer serves us, and the new moon for planting the seeds of our desires. Her energies have been channeled directly into this piece, leaving her energetic imprint. This print will add visual beauty and angelic healing power to any space.

Archangel Michael Symbol and Sword


Invoke and ground the almighty protective and cleansing energies of Archangel Michael into your space,  your body, mind & soul. This image emanates the remarkable courage, unparalleled strength and profound divine wisdom that is Archangel Michael. Step into your power and move into your purpose with this supreme Archangel by your side.


Archangel Michael

Archangel Micheal is dedicated to helping us release from the negative effects of fear. Call upon him to swiftly cut any etheric cords -energetic cords that bond us to others which are fear based in nature and send us lower negative energies, as well as siphon our vital energy. He also offers us fierce protection, as well as the motivation and encouragement we need to step into our life's purpose. Archangel Michael is powerful energies have been channeled directly into this piece, so his presence will shine wherever you place it

Archangel Raphael Symbol

Anchor the energies of this beloved Archangel in your space. Archangel Raphael, whose name means "Healing Power of God", helps us to experience profound healing on all levels (mental, emotional, psychical and spiritual).  He is also associated with healing the heart and clairvoyance (clear seeing), as he helps to activate both. Allow this magnificent Angel to bless you, your space, and everyone you love with the purest healing frequencies in the universe.


Archangel Uriel

Anchor the energies of this glorious angel in your space! Archangel Uriel, who name means “God is Light” or “Fire of God”, in the angel of wisdom, karma and resurrection of the soul self. He helps us to activate and/or strengthen our claircognizance (inner knowing) and access divine wisdom. He also helps us to understand our karma, so that we can see life’s challenges from divine perspective. Connecting with Uriel’s energies will help you to KNOW your truth, and have more faith in yourself and the universe.

Celestial Chakra Healing

Connect to the loving healing frequencies of the angel, master, guides and high beings of light and allow the, to clear and heal you on all levels. Magic and miracles await you now. Breathe deeply and open yourself to receive the love.

Celestial Heart Healing

Archangel Chamuel -angel of self love and partnerships- and Archangel Raguel -angel who helps us heal relationships of all kinds- and Archangel Raphael -who helps us to remember the only truth is love- are here with you now, pouring love into all your relationships, including your relationship w/self, others and the entire world. Breath in their loving energy and be the love you wish to see in the world!

Celestial Life Purpose Healing

Archangel Michael (gives us the courage and protection we need to step into our purpose), Archangel Raziel (helps us to connect with divine knowledge and understanding) and Archangel Gabriel (angel of communication) is here with you now giving you all the support that you need to step into your life's purpose. You have special abilities, and only you can fulfill your mission. The world needs you, act without delay!

Chakra Healer

Our chakras hold the key to the deepest secrets within our soul. Once you begin to activate and heal these sacred energy centers, you will begin to release karmic baggage, heal past life traumas, access the infinite wisdom of the universe and reignite all of your psychic senses. Chakras are the key to our personal evolution. Know that you are never alone on this path, you are supported by your higher self, spirit guides, the angels, ascended masters, nature spirits and infinite beings of love and light.


We are all loved beyond the human mind's comprehension. Each one of us is cherished by our creator, soul families, spirit guides, angels, ascended masters, ancestors and other heavenly beings of light. You are perfect just the way that you are. Release all the human perceptions of yourself and remember that you are truly, deeply cherished!


Crystal Power

We invoke the powers of Goddess Epona and the crystal fairies to help us connect with crystal healing energies. We access the wisdom and of our Lemurian and Atlantean ancestors, so we may too use the power of crystals to heal and transform every area of our lives!

Master El Morya

Cohan of the Blue Flame, the Ray of the will of GOD attunes you to his frequencies now. He offers you total cleansing and protection. He realigns your body mind and soul to the divine will and propels you into your mission. 

Eye Of Horus

Son Of Isis and Osiris, Horus is the Egyptian God of the sun and sky. He is depicted as a Falcon headed deity with one large eye, representing the third eye and divine truth. His eye also represents strength and is a power symbol for protection. This image will activate cleansing and empowerment of your third eye and offer you loving protection.


Mermaids teach us the power of surrender, and remind us that we must trust life. This piece offers a meditative journey. Allow yourself to become one with the water. Allow this pure energy to flow into your body through the pours in your skin. You feel so alive, so free. As the water continues to flow through you, you begin to recognize that in life you emotions flow through you, just as the water does now. You are not your emotions. They are simply points of awareness that come and go with the natural rhythm of life. All feelings are fleeting, both good and bad. But, as you surrender to the waves, you begin to realize that you can do the same with your emotions. You now allow them to come and go, rather than fighting to make them stay or leave. You find such great peace in the knowledge. Surrender is so purifying, so healing, and you embody it now.

Free Heart
Your heart is the center of your being and the key to your spiritual evolvement. One of the biggest challenges we face is learning to truly love and accept others and ourselves. Our hearts are often burdened by pain and traumas from our past. Now is the time to release all that holds you back from giving and receiving love abundantly. Forgive the past and embrace the new. Let love fill your entire being, so that everywhere you go, you are completely surrounded by this pure energy. As you emanate love and kindness to everyone you meet, it will be mirrored back to you in all ways. Blessed be your heart.



When you open your heart to love, you allow the gifts of the universe to flow freely into every area of your life. Giving gifts to others opens your heart to love. This piece emits the healing frequency associated with both giving and receiving, and will assist you in the acceleration of your soul's healings in both of these areas.


Our spirit guides offer us a constant stream of loving counsel to keep us on our path. Unfortunately, we often allow fear and doubt to overpower or cloud this vital divine guidance. This print holds the vibration of energy that we naturally carry when we feel in sync with the divine flow of information. This piece will assist you in maintaining a powerful, clear connection to your guides and higher self, making your life flow with greater ease and joy.

Inner Vision

Reignite your inner vision so that you may see your life clearly. Remove the cobwebs from your third eye so that you can see yourself and everyone you meet through the eyes of spirit. You now see your truth and the truth in a things. This is higher sight and it is your gift.



Joy is your natural state of being! Smile and laugh often. In doing so, you will raise the vibration of the entire planet. You will spread joy everywhere you go and in everything you do. Your essence will uplift everyone you meet. Let your life be filled with bliss, this is our creator's wish for you. May you embody joy today and all days.

Lightworkers Unite!

Lighworkers are those of us who are dedicated to healing our beloved planet and all of its inhabitants. Together, with our love for humanity and simple acts of kindness we unite our powers to raise the vibrations of our beloved planet, earth.

Magnificent Healer

You are a natural healer. Embody spirit in all that you do. Focus on service, and you will be a pure channel of the infinite light. Affirm now that you are a powerful healer, in pure service to spirit and everyone you connect with is infinitely blessed by your work, (including you)! You are a true magnet and catalyst for miracles.


 This is Merlin, master healer and wizard with his mystical helpers. He can help you to channel your inner sage-healer, as well as gain valuable esoteric wisdom. Merlin's energy is channeled directly into each piece, so that each one emits his high frequency healing energies to accelerate your spiritual evolvement. Merlin is a powerful master to call upon when working with crystals, herbs and the earth elements. He greatly amplified all of your spiritual work.

Peace on Earth

We are always protected by the angels, ascended master and beloved nature spirits. No matter how scary things can be on this planet, we must believe in and place our focus upon peace and love. Remember, where thoughts go, energy flows. Hold thoughts of peace in your mind and peace will follow. This print will help surround you with a deep sense of peace.

Soul Transformation

Once we are willing to face the darkness with us, we begin a metamorphosis, transcending above the darkness. As we work through our pain and our traumas, we transform the lead of our egos into the gold of our spirits. Yet, we never do this alone, we are always surrounded by many angels and spirit helpers who assist us every step of the way. Transform, transcend and be free!

Soul Portraits

If you would like to have an original image created especially for you, you will love our Soul Portraits. With just your name, Nadine will tune into what is currently happening in your personal energy system. Working with the Angels and Ascended Masters, each Portrait embodies elements that your Soul wants to bring to your awareness. Each personalized image is infused with Energy that clears, balances, and emits gifts for your Soul. Soul Portraits are are a delightfully tangible tool for uplifting and healing your soul.

What will your Soul Portrait look like?

Soul Portrait
Who is the portrait for?

Spirit Guided Portraits

We are never alone. There are many guides, angels, masters, and high beings of light who protect and guide us through the human experience.


A personal Spirit Guided Portrait  will help you discover one of the many guides that are by your side right now and the gifts they wish to share with you at this time. It will help you to connect with your guides on a deeper level, gain a better understanding of your current experience, and serve as a reminder that loving beings of light are always by your side.

Intuitive Healer, Nadine Dassier will tune into your energy field using only your name, and will create an image of  the spirit helper who is most prominent in your life right now. The images Nadine Channels may involve words or symbols, each will offer contain valuable information your guide wishes to express with you at this time.


Nadine also channels the energy of your spirit helper  into the sketch, so that the art work itself holds the vibrational frequency of your  guide, deepening your connection even more.

Please note: Nadine cannot guarantee that a primary guide will come through. She simply channels the high beings of light, they lead the process. It may be a primary guide, transient guide,  nature spirit (elementals) the higher self, angel , master, galactic being,  or other being of light. Also, sometimes names come through, other times, not . Just know that whatever is meant to come , will come through, without a doubt!  


Spirit Guided Portrait
Who is the portrait for?

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Lakshmi Meditation for Manifesting


Invoke beloved Lakshmi by chanting "Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha (Salutations to that heart centered and great Lakshmi). Allow her energy to merge with yours. Sense the infinite, abundant universe we live in, and allow Lakshmi's prosperity consciousness become your consciousness. Imagine yourself having unlimited wealth. Think of all the good you would do with your newfound resources. Imagine the good you would do for yourself and others. Watch yourself uplift the entire world with your unlimited resources.


It is up to those of us that understand the nature of the universe to manifest the wealth for the entire collective. Choose prosperity for yourself, and create prosperity for the entire planet!

I invite you to practice this mudra with me for the next few weeks, together we can shift our planet from scarcity and lack to abundance and love!


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