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Energyworks is a healing team of two gifted sisters, Nadine and Francoise Dassier, working together to make intuitive healing more accessible within their global and local communities. They believe that everyone should have access to alternative healing services and education. Their mission is to serve everyone who is open to healing. Both Nadine and Fran are Master Reiki Healers. They have used their collective knowledge and training in Usui Reiki, Angel Vajra, Angel Shakti, Sacred Flame Reiki, Pranic Healing, IET, Qi Gong and Donna Eden's Energy Medicine to create their own style of Celestial Chakra Healing TM.


Nadine and Francoise (Frannie) Dassier are natural healers and visionaries.  Their ability to get the story behind the energy is both enlightening and empowering to all the people they serve. Their healings are powerful and unique. Not only will you receive valuable information through the readings, but you will also experience a profound energetic shift and deep healing on all levels of your being. You will be empowered with tools that you can use to continue your healing on your own. Nadine and Fran offer the full package, divine guidance, energy healing and instruction to support you in your on-going transformation. 

Nadine Dassier

Nadine Dassier



Locations: Home in  St. Paul &  All around the Globe 


Nadine Dassier is an innovative, heart-centered, visionary healer, teacher and speaker who is passionate about empowering and supporting others in their healing journey. She brings immense generosity and genuine compassion into all that she does.  Her work is often described as "the real deal." Nadine's unique channeled meditations from spirit have been described as "transformational," and "life changing."


In this life, Nadine's soul chose a difficult path, one that would ensure great transformation and growth. It is through her own experiences with physical and emotional abuse, addiction, disease, anxiety and depression that she came to find her own healing path. For Nadine, metaphysical and spiritual practice began as a life raft, and transformed into a way of life. She sees every day as an opportunity to heal and is committed to making spiritual healing accessible to everyone.


Nadine's extraordinary ability to channel information from her guides, the Angels,  Ascended Masters and years of studying spiritual healing, lead her to create many transformational classes, and meditation programs. Nadine has channeled an more than a 100 original meditations/activations and atuunments, giving her students a unique opportunity to connect with thier own healing energy and forge a direct connection with the Angels and Ascended Masters.


Nadine and her sister Frannie together (with the help of their guides, the Angels and Masters have developed an innovative and intuitive approach to energy healing they call Angelic Soul Reading and Healing Nadine and Frannie have used this powerful system to facilitate deeply profound healings for themselves and hundreds of others.

Nadine has been a contributing author for Light Workers World and The Edge (Twin Cities based Spiritual Magazine) and has developed several in-depth healing courses, including "Heal your Chakras, Transform your Life,"an 8-Week Chakra Intensive course and Emotional Wellness toolkit-An Energy Perspective (presented at MSSA Conference).


Certified and trained in:

IET 1, 2, 3, Reiki Master Teacher 1,2,3,4 Helix Healing, Angelic Healix Healing, Angel Vajra Reiki, Angel Shakti Reiki, Sacred Flame Reiki, Spring Forest Qi Gong 1 and 2

4 Seasons Qi Gong levels 1-5

QHHT- Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


Donna Eden Energy Medicne 


Channeling with Orion


Hypnosis 1-3 Foundations


Area of specialty:

Angelic Soul Reading and Healing

Channeling Healing attunement

Seven Flames

Past Life Regression



Healer Mentroship

Spiritual Guidance

Crystal Activations

Angel Shakti Attunement

Angel Vajra Attunement

Helix Healing

Sacred Flame Reiki Healing and Attunements

Space Clearing and Blessing

Spiritual Guidance Session

Spring Forest Qi Gong


Francoise Dassier

Francoise Dassier /Franniethehealer



Locations: Present Moment MPLS.



Francoise (Frannie) Dassier, Master Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Teacher, Medium, Psychic Past Life Regression Specialist and co-founder of EnergyWorks Intuitive Healers.  Her innate ability to work with and read energy helps her to attune to the most powerful frequencies, and create profound shifts for everyone she heals. Frannie has roots in both social and ecological activism, as well as social services, specifically working with adults and children with disabilities. She is also passionate about healing being accessible to everyone on the planet. She has been called a "miracle worker" due to her amazing ability to connect with the angels and masters to activate powerful healing and transformation. She is highly intuitive and has a remarkable ability to read people's energy. Her specialties include; energy healing (releasing of stuck energy stress, trauma), past life reading & regressions, medium, ancestral lineage reading/ healing, Unique Psychic intuitive readings in alignment with spiritual laws, healer mentoring and spiritual guidance, negative entity energy removal, space blessing clearing, ceremonies and sacred attunements.


To schedule a Session Text  612-229-5586



Frannie has roots in both social and ecological activism, as well as social services, specifically working with adults and children with disabilities.  She is also passionate about protecting Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. It was her commitment to humanitarianism that propelled her into energy healing and the creation of the "Drop -in, Pay as You Can" Chakra Clinic at Present Moment Books and Herbs. Her generosity of spirit is evident in all that she does, especially in her healing work.  She has been called a "miracle worker" due to her amazing ability to connect with the angels and masters to activate powerful healing and transformation.  She is highly intuitive and has a remarkable ability to read people's energy.  


Frannie is passionate about helping others to discover and heal past life issues.  She is certified in hypnotherapy and has developed a method of doing past life regression sessions that incorporates healing with the Angels and Ascended Masters.  During these sessions, she can help a person get at root issues and cleanse them spiritually and energetically.


Fran has  been trained in Qi Gong (with Master Chunyi Lin), Pranic Healing,Intergrated Energy Therapy, Reiki and Chinese Medicine, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Herbal foundations


Certified in:

IET 1,2,3 Angelic Reiki Master Teacher 1,2,3,4 Pranic Healing Level 1, Qi Gong Level1, TCM Foundations, Herbal Studies Foundations and Hypnotherapy, Donna Eden Energy Medicine, Angelic Vajra, Celestial Chakra Healing, Munay Ki Rites.



Area of specialty

Celestial Chakra Healing

Past Life Regressions

Spiritual Guidance Session

Soul Mission Ignition

Space Clearing and Blessing

Angelic Attunements

Angelic Reiki Master Teacher

Mediumship sessions

Past life readings

Psychic / Healer Mentorship




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