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Our heart centered, intuitive practice offers a wide range energy healing services to support you and your loved ones in every area of your lives and spiritual evolution. We channel messages from spirit, help you to release what no longer serves you, and empower your spirit to shine!

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Frannie 612-229-5586 Location -Present Moment Book & Herbs 3546 Grand Ave. S, Mpls, MN 55408


Nadine 651-329-2550 Location: 1063 Burns Ave. St. Paul, MN 55106

Angelic Soul Reading and Healing

Angelic Soul Reading and Healing is an intuitive and innovative total mind, body, spirit healing.


Each  Soul Reading and Healing  is guided by spirit, and is as unique as your soul. Nadine and Frannie work with the angels, masters, and celestial and earthly beings of light to channel pure divine energies and perform whatever type of healing you need at the time.


During each session we will:

*Purify and balance your entire energy system.
*Channel illuminating messages from spirit.
*Help you discover the source of your blockages.

*Clear Negative Beliefs and Programming

*Tap into the  Soul Records=the energetic 'recording' of all your thoughts, experiences in all space and time, including core beliefs, emotional, mental and behavior patterns.

*Offer effective  tips and tools for keeping your energy harmonized and balance for daily upkeep.


Depending on what your soul is needing at this time, your Celestial Chakra healing may include:

  • Karmic Cleansing

  • Soul Contract/Akashic Record Healing

  • Negative Etheric Cord Detachment

  • Negative Entity Removal *** please see note below

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Past Life Reading/Clearing

  • Celestial Attunements - healing activations unite your energies with a particular  Angels or Ascended Masters who wish to guide you further on your path and bless you with their wisdom and powers.

  • Cellular Memory Activation and Cleansing

  • Reveal and clear the spiritual, mental, and emotional roots to dis-ease

  • Relationship Healing/Blessing

  • Spirit Awakening/Higher Self Activations

  • Journey/Visualization

  • Manifestation Work Connect with Loved ones and Ancestors on the other side

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Neurological Repatterning                                                                                             *** If You have struggled with long-term, pervasive entity attachment, the session you require is Entiy Removal Session

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Angelic Soul Reading and Healing
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Soul Mission Ignition 

Awakening the Soul Star; a body, mind and soul integration.  This powerful advanced healing session serves to align you to your life's purpose through the Soul Star chakra. Any blocks held deep in the cellular memory will be removed with psychic precision for an amazing full body alignment to your higher purpose. Working through all the Auric field layers and on the deepest soul level, this session is truly intense and requires us to offer this only to those of you who have received healings with us in the past.  Nadine and Frannie work together to provide this extraordinary healing experience! Imagine receiving 2.5 hours of angelic energy healing from two compassionate, heart centered healers. This session is life changing!



Soul Mission Ignition

Angelic Space Clearing In Person and Distance Sessions

The spaces you work and live in hold an energetic imprint from your thoughts and experiences, as well as from those who came before you. Some of these energies are positive. However, often, we find stagnant energy lurking in the corners and other areas of even our most  sacred spaces. This energy effects how we feel on all levels. Stagnant energy can leave us feeling sad, make it difficult to concentrate, hard to sleep and negatively can have a detrimental impact our energy levels. That is why it is just as critical to clear the energy of your home and office as it is to clear your physical body. Once you clear the stagnant energy out of your personal space and channel in healing energies, you will be able to thrive in your environment, instead of being drained by it.


Essential times for space clearing/blessing: moving into a new home or office,  following a sub-let, serious illness, major dispute, divorce, other traumatic incidences, you feel you have an unwanted 'guest',  or when you simply don't feel at ease in your space.


We provide a  unique and comprehensive reading, energetic cleansing (including dark energy & discarnate removal) home), and blessing of the space. Each space clearing is as unique as the souls who reside there. We tune into the the frequencies of the space, as well as each person who resides there, to bring in the specific energies their soul needs. We then imprint these life enhancing qualities directly into the space. During the space clearing/blessing, you will also discover what angels or high beings of light are here to assist you, and we will channel their supreme energies directly into the space. 


Our process is very thorough and involves a serval step proces in which we travel through each room of your home or office to thoroughly clear away all negative lower energies and replace them with pure healing energies that will support you and your loved ones using herbs, crystals, sacred geometry, angel therapy, mantras, chanting, prayer, decrees and multi facted healing meathods. 


*Each person in the home will recievea a persoanl blessing during the process. 


 $100.00 per hour


*The typical 3 bedroom home takes 2.5-3 hrs. 
Please use the contact form to request an appointment or call Nadine: +1 651 329-2550 or Frannie: +1 612 229-5586


  • Remote or Distance Session (see button below), are $95 1hr, 2 hrs $185. Most Single family home can be completed in 1 hr, while larger homes, homsteads with land typically take 2 hrs. If you are in doubt, please contact Nadine before hand and she will help you to know which session length is right for you. A sketch of the home, name of inhabitants and street adress are required to conduct the remote session. 


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Distance Space Clearing

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Past Life Regressions
Ready to step off the karmic wheel? Uncover the root cause of your deepest challenges by taking a journey of discovery, unlocking memories of a past life experience that could hold the key to releasing your current life ailments! After the regression, you will receive a deep karmic cleansing and life stream healing allowing the past damage to begin repairing or to be completely released.

Past life regression therapy acknowledges that we are eternal beings, eternal souls, who carry forward learning and experiences from one human lifetime to another. This can affect many different areas of your life from relationship patterns that persist life time to life time or sub conscious past life memories leading to current phobias, fears and even current health ailments.


Level 1

Session Includes the past life regression with a karmic healing.


Level 2

Session includes 2 healings one before the past life regression to help clear your energy and obtain clearer visions, especially if you are currently experiencing a lot of stress, or have very little experience with meditation and then the karmic cleansing after the regression session to help heal any old wounds or patterns that come up.  


Group Past Life Regressions / Healings 
Minimum 4 people, each person will receive a regression with the karmic cleansing and life stream healing.

  • Group sessions have no travel fee inside twin cities. 
  • Service available with Frannie only.
  • Call Frannie at +1 612 229-5586 to book a Group Past Life Regression Party


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Accelerated Manifestation & Blessing

Need a little help manifesting the best outcome in a difficult situation? We are here to help!


We all know that worrying only sends negative energy to the situation. But still, all of us have areas in our lives where our fears seem to take over, and that's when it's time to call in some reinforcements! You don't have to go it alone, we can help you to turn things around,  and create the best possible outcome, that is in the highest good of everyone involved.


During the Accelerated Manifestation & Blessing sessions we will connect to the angels, masters, guides and other high beings of light who surround you to help  you place your "order" with the universe and clear you to energetically align your energies with that which you are trying to attract. While we may not be able to assure your desired outcome down to the last detail, we can assure you that the energy of the situation will shift to higher frequencies, ensuring the outcome will unfold as in the highest good of everyone involved.



Helix Healing© (discovered by Tina Paul UK) These sessions are lead by the Kaleidoscope or Helix collective, Star beings from the Sirius Star System, along with Archangel Michael and Metatron.  


During these sessions, we will  use Helix Spirals, symbols, sacred geometry and various energy frequencies to cleanse and empower your entire system. The collective will help to release the blocks to your wellness and raise your vibration. This is a full spectrum, body, mind spirit cleansing.  Whatever you're needing at the time will occur (i.e. cutting etheric cords,  soul contracts, negative entity removal, etc.)


The Helix Collective are a kind, loving, (and quite humorous) group of highly spiritual beings, who are passionate about assisting the earth and all of her inhabitants. They are highly skilled at communicating with us, and shifting energy. Each healing I channel with them offers new blessings of love, light, knowledge and wisdom

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Energy therapy is a natural method of energy balancing, but is not meant as a substitute for medical, or psychological, diagnosis and treatment. Energyworks does not diagnose conditions, nor do we perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Energy therapy or any other natural healing therapy should not compete with medical doctors and their treatments. All therapies are meant to complement medical treatments.

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