Embrace the Expansion!

This is a time of huge growth and expansion on our planet. We must band together and make the most out of this global death/rebirthing cycle. We are offering some sepcials so you can come out of this Virus Outbreak stonger, lighter, brighter than ever before. 



13 Goddesses Activation 



A better way of life is calling to us now. A way in which we flow with the rhythms of the universe, hear the sacred whispers of the divine, dance to the beat of the akashic heart and drink the sweet nectar of life.  This is the way of the Goddess. In order to rebirth the divine feminine principal onto our planet, we must each receive our own personal initiations into the heart of divine mother.

Our Goddess initiations activate the magical, creative, intuitive, loving, nurturing, and compassionate nature within us. The very gifts that will enable us to create the expanded lives and planet we desire.
During your personal 13 Goddesses activation You will receive an activation from 13 Goddesses who have chosen to bless you with their unique powers and profoundly loving support. 
*Open your intuitive channels and expand your psychic abilities
*Discover the goddesses that are surrounding you and are here to support you in your life at this time.
* Receive personal messages from your Goddess circle that bring tremendous clarity and direction into your life.
* Expand your capacity to receive good in your life experiences.
*Feel held and nurtured by life!
*Awaken your creative spark and reignite your passions for life.
*Bring greater joy and contentment into your life.
*Bring greater balance and reciprocity into your life.
These empowerments are radically transformative Soul healing sessions.
You may choose to receive all 13 goddesses initiations at once. Or, you may choose to spread them out, and receive them one by one over 13 months. Whichever you choose, these initiations will ignite you on a path of deep transformational healing.
2020 has been a very difficult year. Awaken your true power and make 2021 the year of the Goddess!
2 hr 13 Goddesses Activation
$233 now $333 reg.
 13 1 hour individual Goddess activation given 1 per month over 13 months $1333
***First session will be 1..5-2 hrs 
 You may choose to jump in with a one-time 2-hour session or or go all out and receive 13 individual 1 hour empowerments on a month to month basis. In either case you are answering the call of the initiation divine mother, and powerful shifts abound in your life.

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Goddess Options

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13 Goddess Activation
Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique-QHHT and Deep Soul Dive sessions
During these QHHT/Deep Soul Dive hypnosis and regression sessions, we will explore your soul's evolution to discover time(s)and place(s) that offer you profound healing in this life. We will connect directly with your Higher self to receive healing and messages, straight from your source.
These sessions are life-changing! We cannot express in words the value of experiencing past lives, life between lives, the heavenly realms, and the multiverse for yourself, it is such a deeply empowering and truly magical experience. What also cannot be truly expressed in words is the magnificence of receiving healing and messages direct from your inner being. Add to this the deep levelf relaxation you experience during these sessions,  some have reported feeling a tingling sensation all throughout their body for the entire hypnosis portion of the session. Others have experienced complete absence of pain and total blessed during the process.
Deep dive with us and uncover your unique soul, where you have been, and how you can best align with your highest potential in the now. What you came here to do and who you came here to be.
*QHHT were not designed for distance sessions , which compelled Nadine and Frannie to co-create with their angels and guides the Deep Dive Soul healing Hypnosis session so that people all around the world can experience the benefits of immense soul exploration. 
QHHT  Dolores Canon Technique-in person only
4 hr session
Now $344 
Reg $444
Nadine level 2 Practitioner

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Deep Soul Dive Session- Distance via video chat
Nadine or Frannie
3-4 hr Session
Reg $ 333

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Latest Attunements

Angelic Realms Attunement 2-

Meet the Angels

Full Moon Video + Attunement MP3

During this Activation we will return to the Angelic Realms and work 1-1 with a wide Variety of Angels. Some will be familiar friends, while others will be new guides you meet on  your path. 


Collectively we will ....

*Clear blockages to connecting with the angels.

*Access profound healing for whatever ails you, Mentally/Physically/Emotionaly/Spiritualy .

*Deepen our healing and Channeling abilities.

*Receive many activations from the individual angels seeking to support us with the earth's evolution.healing our beloved planet.

*Receive personal activations to support us on our soul mission. 

Some of the Angels we'll be working with include: Archangels/Angels Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Zadkiel , Haniel, Orion, Raziel Ariel, Sandalphon, Metatron, Faith , Ameythist, Aurora, Hope, Sarah, Daniel, Celestina , Cassiel and more!

What you'll get- Full Moon Live Video Healing Sesson + 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement  + 1 MP3 Activation Introduction 
Extras-You May Purchase A Personal Message From the Master(s) along with the attunement- 5min mp3 recorded session
*attunement will be sent out on or before New Moon July 20th.




June- Full Moon Live June 5th, Attunement Release by  New Moon June 21st


Angelic Realms Attunement

Journey  with me to the angelic realms where we will deeply connect with and receive the initiations of the angelic orders! Become a  true emissary  of the angels! 

During this activation we will...
* Deepen our healing and channeling abilities.
*Connect with the Spheres of angels so you may become a conduit for each unique healing powers, including:
-Seraphim=The Burning Ones / Cleanse Negativity with Flames of Divine Love
-Cheribum=Voices Of Divine Wisdom
-Thrones=Guardians of the Planets and Divine Will
-Dominions=Manifest and Integrate the Spiritual into the Physical
-Virtues=Miracle Workers who defy the laws of Nature
-Powers=Protectors who Guard Us From Evil
-Principalities=Watch Over Nations Cites Towns, Organizations, Etc.
-Archangel=Those who remain closest to Humanity  and Oversee Our Human Evolution
Through this attunement, you will gain a deeper connection with the angelic realm and be able to quickly anchor their energies on earth and carry them with you wherever you go an in all that you do. 
What you'll get- Full Moon Live Video Healing Sesson + 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement  + 1 MP3 Activation Introduction 
Extras-You May Purchase A Personal Message From the Master(s) along with the attunement- 5min mp3 recorded session
*attunement will be sent out on or before New Moon  June 21st



Buddha attunement
Receive Buddha's initiation of the higher chakras to activate a higher level of awareness and mindfulness within your being.
Gain a more peaceful mindset and way of being.
Boost your resolve to Liberate yourself from attachments such as addictions to thought, food, and other substances.
Cultivate a deeper sense of peace with yourself and all of life.
Attune to the life path of greater harmony, compassion and right action. 
Be empowered to do immense good on this planet.
Deep in your Meditation practice.
Green Tara attunement
Let go of deep fears blocking you from living a heart lead life.
Heal on a cellular level by receiving a Deep Cleansing of the Lower Negative Emotions From the Associated Organ Systems. Example: Anger from the liver, grief from the Heart, fear from the Kidneys, etc. 
Liberate yourself from negative traits, especially those associated with our feminine side, (i.e. worry, depression, low self esteem, Insecurity, victim Consciousness, Guilt, etc.)
Experience swift intervention and accelerated healing.
Deepen and expand your healing abilities.
Receive Green Tara Initiation of the high heart and awaken heart sentience within your being.
Facilitate the connection to these great master for the benefit of all
What you'll get- Full Moon Live Video Healing Sesson + 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement  + 1 MP3 Activation Introduction 
Extras-You May Purchase A Personal Message From the Master(s) along with the attunement- 5min mp3 recorded session
*attunement will be sent out on or before New Moon in May

More about these offers

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Saint Padre Pio Attunement- This Saint was famous for his profound psychic gifts, as well as his miraculous healing and prayer work. Attune with him to reignite your own miracle worker and awaken the powers of prayers, vigils and alchemy. 

As he was also known for stigmata (bleeding from the hands and feet), we will also clear negative attachments to healing outcomes as well as the need to prove ourselves or suffer as healers.  


*Remember Your Power and Awaken Your Inner Miracle worker

*Immerse yourself in Prayer and Ritual

* Create your Own Miracle "Secret Weapon" Prayer

*Be a powerful Conduit for the light

*Bring greater Hope and Peace to the Planet


What you'll get- Full Moon Live Video Healing Sesson + 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement /Activation Introduction and a Personal Message from Padre just for you!


Peace Pilgrim Attunement-Known for being a wandering Peacemaker, Peace Pilgrim traveled on foot across the US, Canada and Mexico, mostly on foot for decades, spreading her message of peace. She did all this with nothing but the clothes on her back. Can you imagine an adorable little old women hitchhiking in the middle of the night and living off the kindness of strangers. She absolutely changed the lives of everyone she met. This was all because she believed in the goodness that lies in all of humanity! She saw no one as an enemy and she unarmed all the attackers she ever met. She was an absolute Peace Keeper. During this attunement you will heal a deep level of your relationship with humanity, assist you in living in harmony with mother earth, and experience a greater sense of protection that ever before. You will also become more INSPIRED and steadfast on your own path of purpose. No matter how crazy it sounds to others. 


*Fall In love with Humanity.

*Be more Divinely Protected.

* Create Healthier Boundaries.

*Fear-less-ly move into your purpose.

See God in all thingss.

*See energy more clearly.

What you'll get- 1 Mp3 Meditation/Attunement /Activation Introduction and a Personal Message from Padre just for you!


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